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The Real True Life Story...

Posted by Lele B's Boutique on

When visiting other websites, I read the “about” section. For the most part, it starts with the love of fashion yada yada. This isn’t the story behind Lele B’s. Check out my 2nd grade picture…doesn’t it scream future fashionista??? LOL! My story started in the 80’s rocking a mullet wearing hand-me-downs from older cousins. Granted, it was all name brand so I wouldn’t have a problem blending with the snobs in school. Kidding, the snobs were my friends. We weren’t really snobby, just selective of our little crew. Anyway, fast forward to the 90’s working at my aunt’s restaurant. My checks and tips were directly donated to the local mall, when it was still hip and cool. Don’t ask about it now. It’s a sad sad story. Then at the tender age of 18, I was offered a credit card. Wait…what? You mean I can buy all sorts of clothing and make minimum payments? Awesome!!  See the pattern developing…a slightly problematic shopping trend started. Lele B’s was created out of love. The love of shopping. Here we are today, almost a year into the boutique world. Cheers to many more!!

Broke the Rules....

Every April is the dreaded seasonal change of the closet. Today as I got ready for work, (yes... still working full time while tinkering with Lele B's) I put on fleece-lined leggings, a heavier sweater (ok, so it was a wool sweater), and boots. All no-no's in my eyes. Come on, it's April! The morning [...]

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Lele B's Mantra

After several months of having an internal war and debating my irrational fear of blogging, I've decided to jump in the arena. I still don't know the rules of blogging, but I've never been much of a rule follower either. :-) The things I value the most are on the banners of Lele B's homepage....Be True, Be [...]

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How to master the tricky transition from summer to fall

As Fall begins and the weather is starting to change, it's the time of year when dressing for the season can get become the most difficult. Rather than spending money on a new wardrobe of unnecessary pieces, learn to properly transition your current wardrobe from summer to fall. Once you discover that you can transition [...]

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