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Broke the Rules....

Posted by Lele B's Boutique on

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Every April is the dreaded seasonal change of the closet. Today as I got ready for work, (yes... still working full time while tinkering with Lele B's) I put on fleece-lined leggings, a heavier sweater (ok, so it was a wool sweater), and boots. All no-no's in my eyes. Come on, it's April! The morning started to unravel as the boys started coming to life with activity. Next thing ya know, beads of sweat are starting to ruin my freshly applied makeup. Hell nah, we can't have that. 

Back upstairs I go. I look in the mirror and think, it's April, why are dressed for December? And, you're breaking the rules you made up!

So after all this dysfunction, finally went with the Pasty Plaid Cardigan. It's more lightweight than wearing wool in April. I just couldn't part with the leggings. No one would really know they were fleece-lined. Got an image to maintain...can't have people knowing I can't handle a little cold weather. LOL! Kidding!

Perhaps, I can do the closet changeover later this month.