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How to master the tricky transition from summer to fall

Posted by Lele B's Boutique on

As Fall begins and the weather is starting to change, it's the time of year when dressing for the season can get become the most difficult. Rather than spending money on a new wardrobe of unnecessary pieces, learn to properly transition your current wardrobe from summer to fall. Once you discover that you can transition your current wardrobe with some key pieces, you'll find dressing for the fall season is really a lot of fun.

Cardigans are the perfect staple to transition your summer wardrobe into fall. Layered over a summer outfit, they are cozy enough while not being too warm. Cardigans go with anything from a dress or skirt to jeans or shorts, bare legs or tights it just doesn't matter, a cardigan fit's the bill like no other piece! Take it from Michelle, "cardigans are 'the' must have staples for designing your fall wardrobe, especially if you're on a budget, but even if your not."

Michelle has curated some super stylish cardigans for Lele B's Boutique to help you transistion your favorite summer outfits into fall. One of those being the gorgeous Queen B cardigan that you may have seen showcased in some of our social media, (Be sure you're following us!) Like all of the new Lele B's cardigans, It's warm rich color is perfect for the fall season and goes with just about anything.

We all know that layering your outfits allows for the added flexability to add or remove pieces with the changes in the weather as it gets colder. When transitioning from summer to fall though, do it gradually. Early fall can still be a little too warm for layering, but a little too cold for summer clothes. Try simply adding a cardigan or a vest over that easy breezy summer outfit you just love then as the weather gets colder add a scarf.

So fear not fall, it's the perfect time to let your creative juices flow and experiment with transitioning pieces over your favorite summer outfits. You can save your budget, look totally awesome (which makes us feel totally awesome) and be completely season appropriate too!